5 New WhatsApp Features That Will Be Available Soon

Over the past months, WhatsApp has been working to implement new features and additions to the app. We’ve seen a WHO COVID-19 chatbot, Quarantine-life sticker pack and Dark Mode option.

In addition to these are 5 new Whatsapp updates you may be seeing on your phones soon.
The new Whatsapp features include a QR code option for saving contacts, animated sticker packs and video call updates;

1. QR Code for saving contacts

Whatsapp is giving you a personal QR Code that can be shared with new friends, so they can easily add your contact. Your new friends will just have to scan your QR Code to save your number. This offers a faster option to save new contacts rather than reading your number out to them.

A screenshot of WhatsApp QR Codes

2. Animated Stickers

A Screenshot of Animated Stickers on WhatsApp

Whatsapp is currently rolling out a feature that allows you to download and share animated stickers. With this addition, you can bring life to your sticker packs.

3. Dark Mode for Desktop

Whatsapp is extending the dark mode theme to computers.

A screenshot of a computer in WhtsApp Dark Mode Theme

4. Video Call Improvements (Group)

Up to 8 people can now participate in a group video chat. Not only that, but Whatsapp also allows you to focus on and maximize a particular participant’s video to full screen.

A screenshot a woman in a group video call on WhatsApp

Whatsapp has also added a video icon for groups with 8 or fewer people to make it easier to start video calls

5. Voice Message Update (Concept)

This one is a concept created by WABeta Info, so there’s no guarantee that it may be available in later updates.

When you are listening to a voice note within a chat, you cannot switch to a different chat. Doing so will stop the voice note, forcing you to stay in the chat while you listen.

This concept called Voice Message heads allows you to continue to listen to voice notes while you’re in a different chat.

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