Abena AI: A voice-based assistant that supports Ghanaian languages

Ghana-based app developer Mobobi Studios has launched a Twi artificial intelligence (AI) voice assistant app called Abena AI.

This unique virtual assistant app can understand and respond to your speech in Twi.

The app which was first released on April 6, already has over 5,000 downloads on the Play Store.

Currently, the app supports only Twi – with more languages to be added as stated by the developers.

Woman using Abena AI app on a tablet.
Abena on a tablet

What can Abena AI do?

Abena AI in many ways works like Siri and Google Assistant.

Apart from telling you the weather forecast and setting your alarm, Abena AI can also:

  • tell you what is trending on Twitter and Ghana news
  • buy and transfer airtime and Mobile Money
  • set reminders and timers
  • control your smart devices example, bulbs and speakers

Download the app on Google Play Store.

How to use Abena AI

Like other voice assistants, you can speak out commands to Abena and expect a response.

For instance, saying Abena, Dɛn na ɛkɔ so wɔ twitter? will give you a live report of the trending topics on Twitter.

A few other commands you can try are;

  • Abena, ɛndɛ nsuo bɛ tɔ?
  • Aka me credit sɛn?
  • Tɔ credit ma me
  • Sɛndi sika

About Mobobi Studios

Mobobi Studios is a software development studio based in Ghana. Since 2013, Mobobi Studios have released eight apps including a Fante Bible App and a self-learning piano app.

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