Everything You Need To Know About The New Microsoft Edge Browser

Microsoft has remade Edge from scratch utilizing the open-source Chromium program, the same codebase that Google Chrome depends on. If you’re a Chrome user you’ll soon discover the new Edge’s design to be extremely natural and familiar.

The New Edge

From the outset, the new Edge is simply Chrome, however with a Microsoft logo slapped on the front. It incorporates highlights found in Chrome, allows Chrome browser extensions and has a similar delivery as Google Chrome.

However, even though it might be similar to Chrome, there’s much more going on here. It synchronizes with your Microsoft Account and has inbuilt tracking prevention that can be customized.

It seems like one of Microsoft’s top priority with the new Edge is privacy. Naturally, the browser is set to search through the web with Bing, however, users can change this in settings whenever they want to.

In as much as the new Edge is good, we need to know whether the new Microsoft Edge is a decent program for something beyond the enterprise. Would it be advisable for you to, as a normal PC user, change to the new Microsoft Edge? There’s a great deal here that typical PC users will appreciate, for example, cross-platform compatibility on macOS, iOS, and Android. The browser can import bookmarks, login credentials and also supports 4k streaming on Netflix.


  • The new Microsoft Edge performs at a faster speed when compared to the old Internet Explorer. This is because Microsoft designed Edge as a new browser instead of providing an upgrade for the old version and this enabled them to improve and add new features while scrapping off old and outdated features that could slow down the speed of the browser.
  • Has an inbuilt tracking prevention software that gives you full control over your privacy.
  • Has an ‘Immersive reader’ feature which simplifies and removes any distraction including ads and enables you to concentrate on your work.
  • Allows syncing of different devices.
  • Allows easy access to all extensions available for Chrome.
  • Allows easy translation of web pages to 54 different languages.
  • The new Microsoft Edge has collections which allow users to organize their work after research and transfer to their various files.

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New Microsoft Edge vs Internet Explorer

The new Microsoft Edge browser has almost the same features as the old Internet Explorer. They both offer similar performance but the new Edge performs at a faster speed than the internet explorer and features a modern and unique design including Cortana embedded software for easier searching, among other new features. The new Edge is compatible with any Chrome or Firefox extension, unlike the Internet explorer that has limited extensions.

There are also new features like the tracking prevention software, Immersive reader which gives the New Edge an edge over Internet Explorer. Microsoft removed some of the features seen in Internet Explorer such as ActiveX, Silverlight, Markup language and so on and hence the introduction of modern features.

New Microsoft Edge vs Chrome

When it comes to performance, the new Edge and Chrome offer similar performance though Chrome is slightly faster. The new Edge browser provides more privacy and adequate security when compared to Chrome even though an extension could be used in Chrome for privacy purposes but it can’t be compared to the inbuilt privacy feature seen in the new Edge. Google Chrome can decrease the battery life of your computer while putting much stress on the RAM which in turn affects its performance, unlike the new Edge.

New Microsoft Edge vs Mozilla

Microsoft gave the new Edge some truly necessary highlights. These incorporate support for additional extensions including AdBlock, Ghostery and LastPass. Syncing user information to the cloud has likewise been improved, which makes it simpler to switch among PCs, and its voice assistant, Cortana, has now been added. With the Creators Update, Edge presented an excellent feature of permitting users to group tabs, which can be saved while browsing.
Firefox has various extensions too which it has been improving, despite the fact that it has considerably more extensions than Edge. It presents the add-ons in a lot less difficult way – simply go over to the one you want and it will give you basic data, for example, what it does including the version of the browser it is compatible with.

Microsoft has worked hard to address the evolving needs of today’s savvy web surfers. With the new Microsoft Edge, you’ll see great performance, more control over your data and better ways to connect to and make sense of information on the web.


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