All The New Block-Related Features in WordPress 5.4

WordPress 5.4 has seen great improvement, notably changes to the block editor and its features, all for the benefit of creating engaging blogs and websites

Here are several additional block-related features that have been improved in WordPress 5.4

More Color Options for Blocks

WordPress 5.4 offers new colour options for multiple blocks. This allows you to create more engaging layouts for your posts and pages.

Previously users were only able to change the colour of all text in a paragraph. With WordPress 5.4, you can now change the colour of any text inside a paragraph block.

You can also choose text and background colours with gradients for cover block, and you can even choose background and text colours for all the blocks inside a group block.

If you regularly use the Columns block, then you can also use colours for separating columns from regular paragraphs.

Block Selection Tool

A new button in the toolbar now allows you to easily select blocks. This is a really useful tool particularly in block selection and editing.

Drag and Drop to Add Featured Image

This wasn’t possible in previous updates (you needed to manually select to upload a featured image.
Now with WordPress 5.4, you can simply drag and drop an image to the featured image section.

Fixed Toolbar on Mobile Devices

You may have noticed how the block settings toolbar moved around if you had to edit a blog post using a mobile device, making it quite difficult to use the editor on mobile devices.
WordPress 5.4 has fixed this with a fixed toolbar on the top.

Select Image Sizes in the Gallery Block
Before, you were not able to select image sizes for images in the image gallery block. Now, you can select image size directly in the gallery block settings.

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