Apple announces Time Flies online Event for September 15: What we are expecting

Apple Time Flies Event logo in Dark Background

Apple has officially confirmed that its next event will take place on Tuesday, September 15. This event will be organized at Steve Jobs Theatre at Apple’s headquarters in California, at 10 am PDT (5 pm in Ghana). This event would be the first fall event that will be held virtually.

The tech giant’s invitation didn’t explicitly tell which products will debut at the event. However, it is regularly in September that Apple launches its new set of devices. The iPhone 12 was expected to be released at this event, but Apple has confirmed it will be delayed for a few weeks.

If a clue can be recorded in the invite, which is headlined Time Flies, the event could entirely end up focusing on the next-generation Apple Watch.

Apple Watch 6

Multiple rumours suggest that the Apple Watch 6 would be announced early in September, but on the date, we assumed to see it revealed, Apple declared the Time Flies event instead. Fair enough – and with a title like that, we can expect to see the smartwatch revealed on September 15.

Apple watch showcased

Don’t anticipate the Apple Watch Series to drastically differ from its forerunner, but rumours do propose a few features that could come to the smartwatch. Most likely is a SpO2 sensor to track oxygen levels in the blood, which some other wearables in 2020 have come with like the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3.

iPad Air 4

Rumours hinted the iPad Air 4 would debut in September alongside the Apple Watch 6, and we should be anticipating it to be revealed at the Apple Event.

While we aren’t anticipating drastic improvements from the iPad Air 3, the iPad Air 4 could ditch the Lightning port for USB-C and extend from 10.5-inch screen size to an 11-inch display. Both moves that imitate the latest iPad Pro.

Leaked iPad Air 4 photos

Some of the other probable features include shifting from Touch ID in the home button to Face ID – and possibly doing away with the home button entirely, though leaks disagree on whether that will appear.

Apple AirTags

We’ll see Apple take on Tile-like tracker accessories. It might have been an idea all along, as a leak hinted a dedicated AirTags application would be part of iOS 14, which may be launched after the event.

Apple AirTags on display

We’ve listened to some rumours of how the AirTags will run – much like Tile, you’ll supposedly be able to track an AirTag through an iOS app.

You can connect to AirTags and use it to keep track of your possessions – keys, bags, laptops and bikes for example.

How to watch this event?

The live stream for this event will be available on YouTube. Head on to Apple’s channel to set a reminder.

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