Apply for the African European Digital Venture Program for Startups 2020

The African European Digital Venture Program (AEDV), organised by Make-IT in Africa, looks to strengthen partnerships between African startups and established European companies while offering participants access to practical knowledge of the European ecosystem.

Startups from Ghana and Tunisia can apply here for the African European Digital Venture Program (AEDV). Applications are open until August 15. Six to eight teams will be selected to take part in the program starting September 27.

Make-IT in Africa

The programme gives startups the chance to understand the European ecosystem and network with contacts for future business endeavours, and to accumulate relevant knowledge.

For the first part of the program, the maturity of the startup in terms of collaboration will be assessed. The second part will focus on applying the findings of the former more practically. Startups within the program will acquire knowledge about the German ecosystem and obtain access to networking and pitching events. Startups also will be ready to pitch their products and services to potential partners.

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