3 Clinical Calculator Apps for Health Workers and Students


Calculations are an integral part of medicine and health-related work fields.

From calculating BMI (Body mass index) and lean body weight to more specialized ones such as the AUDIT test for alcohol abuse, many health workers will find themselves working the math at one point.

Students may be required to know these calculations offhand for an exam, however, apps come in handy when you want to save some time.

In this post, I list three apps that will help you with clinical calculations in the most efficient and stress-free ways possible.


Medscape is highly regarded as an authority when it comes to health-related topics. In addition to their peer-reviewed articles and concise summaries. You can use the dedicated calculator within the app.

Medscape has a straightforward interface you can navigate easily.

In addition to these, Medscape has a section for healthcare podcasts, drug information and medical procedures.

All these features are available for free as long as you have a Medscape account.

Medscape is available on Android, iOS, and

QxMD Calculator

Calculate by QxMD is another such app you can use for clinical calculations.

It offers a vast number of calculation options and groups them according to specialities.

The interface on the app is highly remarkable and it can serve as an alternative to Medscape.

Unlike Medscape, this app is not an all-in-one app for clinical information.

The main purpose of the app is to access all calculators and decision support.

QxMD, however, offers up-to-date scientific research via the Read by QxMd app.

You can find QxMD’s calculator app on Android and iOS.


MedicCalc describes itself as a standard for clinical calculations.

It may take a few tries for you to get fully used to the interface, however, once you do, it works like magic.

MediCalc lets you convert between units, and access several clinical equations across specialities such as; haematology and endocrine function.


This post is solely for educational purposes and the apps mentioned should not replace medical advice. In case of any emergency or queries consult a health professional.

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