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4 apps that save your articles so you can read them later

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Ever come across an interesting article but can’t read it immediately? Your first instinct may be to make a mental note to read it later. Sometimes you do and sometimes you forget.

These apps help you ‘store’ articles and links that grabs your interest to allow you to read them later. The apps listed are available on Android and iOS app stores.


I first discovered Pocket while using Mozilla Firefox. Pocket is one of those apps you want to install on all of your devices. It allows you to categorize and customize your links. but that’s not the best part, the app itself can read out your articles with the tap of a button.

Pocket is available on PC, Android and iOS devices.


Instapaper is one of the best read-it-later apps for Android and iOS. The app is easy to use and saving articles can be done in an instant.

Instapaper offers many tools to help you sort out your content. You can organise your content based on which articles you’ve read or competed. You can also archive articles or delete them once you’re done reading them.

Notepad App

Good old Note apps can help you save links and articles.
The benefit of using your inbuilt notepad app is that you do not need to install additional apps.
Just copy the link, paste it into your notepad, and then read it later.

Wallabag interface shown on the web.
Wallabag web interfeace


Wallabag (aka ‘In the poche’) is an open-source self-hosted hosted app with over 10,000 downloads on Google Play Store.
Its interface is quite outdated but it doe the job anyway.
If you’re interested in hosting your own read-it-later app, then this is for you.

How do you save articles for later? Share them in the comments.

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