Blogger gets a major UI redesign

Google’s is one of the most used content management systems (CMS) for creating blogs and websites. For a while, Google had pretty much been neglecting this product. Fortunately, many are still using this blogging platform, although competitors such as WordPress, Medium and Wix are preferred by many.

In October last year Blogger revealed plans to introduce some changes to its service. This included a long-awaited update to the Blogger android app and a redesign of the desktop version interface.

What’s New!

The most recent change to the desktop version has been the improved look of the content editor. This ‘new’ content editor gives more space for writing with an overall ‘slick’ design.

The new editor has most of the features as the previous one – labels, permalink and search description as well as the option to preview and save posts as drafts.

‘New’ Content Editor
Classic Content Editor

Users can switch back to the classic Blogger design by clicking the “Back to Classic Blogger” button.

With this redesign, it’s fair to say that Google is not getting rid of Blogger yet!

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What are your thoughts on this redesign? Kindly share in the comments.

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