Blogger’s new interface will become the default for users in June

Blogger has been the platform of choice for many blogging beginners (since 1999). Despite other options, like WordPress, Medium and Wix which have gained the masses, there still remains a good number of people who patronize Google’s blogging service.

In October last year, Google released an update to the Blogger Android app and also revamped the desktop version.

Starting late June, the new Blogger interface will become the default for all users. The ‘legacy interface’ will still be available as an option up until late July.

By late July, creators will no longer be able to revert to the legacy Blogger interface. 

Blogger New Interface will become the default for users

Blogger’s new responsive design makes it easy to manage your blog on-the-go.
Here’re some changes the new blogger interface will bring:

Dashboard Updates:


The redesigned Stats page helps you focus on the most important data from your blog by highlighting your most recent post. Here you’ll see all the views and comments on your latest posts and pages.


A fresh Comments page helps you connect with readers more easily by surfacing areas that need your attention, like comment moderation.

Content Editor

The newly enhanced Content Editor page introduces table support,, and includes an improved image/video upload experience.

Post Preview

See your blog through the lens of different devices- desktop, tablet and smartphone options.


The new Settings page has all the controls in one place. You can customize your blog info, add new contributors and edit indexing options.

Soon creators will see the new Blogger interface become their default.

How do you like the new Blogger Interface?

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  1. I’ve been a blogger user for years. The new changes have taken away any text editing, and have replaced that with having to know HTML for something as simple as a paragrah return. For people like me that is NOT an option. I have no idea why I would keep using Google Blogger after this huge, illogical change. I will be moving my 10 plus years of blog posts to WordPress. Sad but true. Very little help was available on Blogger to even tell me of the changes. Just a totally different look, many icons replaced with question marks, and nothing whatsoever about the change. I’m not now, nor every will be an HTML programmer. I’m just shaking my head at the changes.

    1. Yep, recently migrated my site to WordPress as I wanted more control over customization.
      The new interface looked like a step in the right direction for Blogger but not a lot of people agree.
      All the best moving to WordPress!

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