Can Clubhouse squash the competition with an Android app?

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Update (16 May 2021): The Clubhouse android app will be available worldwide throughout the week. (starting in Brazil, Japan, and Russia)

Everything seemed to be going perfect for Clubhouse, the popular audio-based social network… Until other apps started to release their own ‘audio’ features.

“Clubhouse was created in 2020 and already has over 8 million users.”

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So it starts. Instagram launched a feature that allows users to host audio-only IG Live streams. Facebook also announced plans to introduce Audio only chatrooms. Reddit released its own Clubhouse alternative for audio meeting rooms.

Twitter is no stranger to the trend as it extended its existing feature – Spaces, to a wider number of users on both Android and iOS.

Clubhouse faces competition from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

Until yesterday when it launched its Android app, Clubhouse was only available to iOS users.

While Clubhouse was working on their Android app, competitors took the chance to launch their own audio formats. They had an advantage clubhouse didn’t have – they were available to Android users.

So the big question is – can clubhouse still gain a user base on Android considering the fact that the same popular apps people use daily (Twitter, IG and co) have an equivalent functionality?

As of yesterday Clubhouse had launched the Android version of the app (currently only available in the US). The app is in beta version, meaning it’s still being tested and only a number of users can access it.

Clubhouse plans to use this phase to gather feedback and resolve any issues and bugs that may arise before making it available to everyone.

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