China has increase restrictions on the amount of time kids can spend playing video games.

China’s video game regulation authority announced that playtime for gaming will only be allowed for 1 hour a day (between 8 pm to 9 pm) for children under 18 years.

This gaming curfew allows children under 18 to play online games for up to one hour per day from Friday to Sunday.

Previously, children were restricted to 90 minutes of play a day and up to 3 hours a day during weekends.

By this new regulation, China is looking to curb video game addiction and improve the physical and mental health of children below 18.

The regulation also instructs video game companies to prevent children from playing games outside of the allotted times.

There will be a number of inspections on gaming companies, as the Chinese authorities step up their efforts to enforce the time limits for playing online games.

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