The ability to target the right audience for any business has become ever more important for a successful social media campaign. This ‘art’ of targeting the right people with a paid strategy is what we’ll explore in this post.

Simply creating social content with the close-your eyes-cross-your fingers-and-hope-for-the-best method is no longer enough, talk of effective.

It’s no news the role social media can play in increasing brand awareness and driving business sales, but now more than ever, brands and businesses must support their social media campaigns with a strong strategy.

For the most part, paid social media ads are a sure way to generate a return on investment (with the right strategy, of course) because your organic content often isn’t even seen by your audience.

On average, organic tweets now only reach around 10 per cent of followers. A Facebook page with over a million likes only averages around a 2.27% organic engagement rate.

Creating a social media campaign?

Here are some factors to note when you’re building a social advertising campaign intending to drive sales or create awareness for your brand or business:


Being intentional and adopting a strategic approach to paid social media is crucial. Without it, you could risk incorrect audience targeting or wasted budget. Defining a target demographic (location, age, gender of your audience/customers) that will convert first-time viewers to paying clients, while considering how to market your product will be a good step to ensure success.

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Your marketing investment (budget) is the first step to giving your social media campaign a huge boost. Your budget should be tailored to your audience size and the period for which your ads will run. “But what is a good budget with poor targeting?” This leads to the next point – Expertise


Look at creating a successful campaign as an iterative process- you may divide your campaigns into weeks or months depending on your goals. Experiment with different formats- video, audio, text-based ads and monitor them over time to find out which ones will maximize your efforts.


Growing an audience for any brand or business takes time, and by expecting lofty results too soon you may not give your strategy the necessary time to produce favourable outcomes.

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