Star of Spatial Science: Cyhana Lena Williams joins Microsoft as Program Manager

cyhana lena

Cyhana Lena Williams, a GIS mapping specialist; has announced her role as Program Manager at Microsoft.

Cyhana Lena Williams In front of a Microsoft logo
Cyhana Williams

Cyhana Williams joins the increasing number of women who are breaking barriers and challenging the narrative.

Cyhana Williams is professionally a Geographic Information Systems(GIS) Technician. She has worked with Voltic Ghana Limited as a GIS Mapping Specialist where she was responsible for creating product distribution maps and other business data related maps. She won third place for the “Innovation Award” at the Fall Army Tech Prize Competition during her national service period with Henson Geodata Technologies.

A geographic information system(GIS) is a computer system for capturing, storing, checking, and displaying data related to positions on Earth's surface.

Experience & Features

Her love for technology led her to specialize in the technological aspect of Geography and learnt to program in different languages. She actively volunteers her time to help with Women in Tech/STEM initiatives with the goal of encouraging more ladies in the field of tech.

After her discovery of the power and potential of LinkedIn and Personal Branding, she developed the need to pass the knowledge on. This led her to multiple speaking and coaching opportunities.

Cyhana Lena Williams in a photo with Women and GIS, Volume 2 book

Williams has previously been listed in Esri’s Women in GIS book which features stories about women who use geospatial technology to advance science and better the lives of people globally.

Believe me when I say that the decision to come out of my bubble and take up positive opportunities was hard but I had to make it. With a support circle, by grace, it is paying off. I look forward to new positive memories and experiences. And I hope to make God, my family and circle proud.

Cyhana Williams in a post on LinkedIn

Cyhana Williams now joins Ivy Barley at Microsoft. Ivy Barley became the Microsoft Program Manager for Enterprise and Cloud Engineering earlier this year.

Interested in Geographic Information Systems? Check out Cyhana William’s recent interview with Studentshubgh.com here.

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