Oftentimes we may use devices other than our own to access the web. Such devices may include public computers, school computers and even devices of our friends.

When we’re done with our search activity, Google still keeps them in Search history – allowing them to be seen by others.

Keeping your browsing history can help you make references to some websites you may have visited in the past. Well, you may not want others to know all the websites you visited, therefore clearing your search history will be a good option in that case.

Steps to delete last 15 minutes of search history

This post will take you through the steps to delete your search history.

Time needed: 10 minutes.

Follow these steps to clear the last 15 minutes of your search history

  1. Open Google

  2. Tap on Google profile Icon (Top-right corner)

  3. Select Delete last 15 minutes

The option to ‘Delete last 15 minutes’ is currently available to iOS users.

In order to browse safely on other devices without worrying about search history, you can view webpages in Incognito mode. In Incognito mode, your search history is deleted immediately after you close the browser.

Follow this method to delete search history on public devices and those of your friends.

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