Did we just see leaked photos of Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra?

Image of Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

What appears to be leaked images of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra have surfaced on the internet.

The images were posted by Jimmy is Promo, a Samsung reviewer, a few days after it appeared on Samsung’s official Russian website.

What you should expect?

The volume and power buttons are located on the right side of the device which is analogous to the S20. The phone’s S pen is moving to the left of the charge port. The changes within the new Note is extremely little compared to last year’s device.

Looking closely at the rare of the phone, you’ll see an identical camera layout almost like the image leaked on the Samsung website. The camera layout features a folded telephoto lens. there’s also an opportunity that the sensor to the proper might be a 3D ToF sensor or laser autofocus.

The Galaxy Note 20 will run on One UI version 2.5.

Samsung will be releasing the phones in late August, a couple of weeks away.

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