Play with World Cup teams on DLS 22: Portugal, Argentina, Ghana


Experience the world cup feeling with Dream League Soccer’s World Cup tournament edition.

DLS 22 as you may know is arguably the most played soccer game on mobile devices.

In light of the world cup, DLS gives you the chance to play as one of the WC teams and win prizes.

Portugal, Argentina, France and England are some of the teams you can choose from.

Tournament prizes

– 3 wins (180 coins)

– 7 wins (600 coins)

– 9 wins (1500 coins)

In this edition, you can play with a full world cup squad against other users from around the world.

Dream league soccer world challenge
DLS World Challenge

How to win the DLS tournament

Here are some tips to help you win the ultimate prize of 700 coins.

1. Choose a team with a strong squad

In the real world, any team can win on any given day. However, in a game of inches, you have to get the upper hand.

Teams like Portugal, France and Argentina have great squads all-round and can increase your chances of winning.

2. Use team boost

Team boost lets you increase the health of your players at the start of the second half of each match.

You are more likely to lose a match when your players are fatigued and cannot run or shoot to perfection.

Using the team boost option ensures all members of your team have their energies up to continue playing.

3. Use your strongest squad

Firstly you should start each game with your players between 80-100% health. 

This may mean taking some time between games for them to regain energy or investing a few coins to increase their energy levels.

Also, some of your better players may be on the bench, so you should adjust your lineup accordingly.

4. Use quick subs

When your pressed for time and don’t seem to want to pause the game, you can use quick substitutions.

You can find your quick subs at the top right corner of your screen.

One disadvantage of quick subs is you do not get to choose the substitute. Instead, the changes are recommended for you within the game.

With these tips in mind, you can win the ultimate prize and top the tournament’s rankings.

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