Beginning in 2024, all new devices like smartphones, tablets, and digital cameras — will be required to use the USB Type-C chargers.

USB-C is the widely-used port for almost all Android smartphones in recent years.

Currently, Apple has used USB-C ports for only thier Macbooks and iPads. iPhones, however, have stuck with the lightning port.

The European Union has been pushing for universal connection standards for portable smart devices for years. Largely because it views USB-C as the best choice with regards to data transfer and charging speed.

However, Apple opposes this initiative saying it would make it more difficult to innovate.

It doesn’t seem like Apple has much of a choice now, than to adopt USB type-C for future iPhones. Some reports state the iPhone 15 could be the first iPhone to have a USB-C port.

Another benefit of having the same charging standards is that it convenient to carry a single charger for your devices instead of multiple chargers.

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