Feedburner is changing… OG’s might be familiar with Google’s once-famous RSS feed and email subscription service – FeedBurner.

Over the years FeedBurner has become one of Google’s rather neglected services – and hasn’t had a design update in years!

FeedBurner was the standard for feed management and analytics from its inception in 2004 and even years beyond when Google acquired it in 2007.

Changes to FeedBurner

In July, however, Google will be discontinuing certain non-core features that do not specifically relate to feed management, most notably the FeedBurner email subscription program, which allowed users to get email reminders when a feed was updated. Also, Blogger’s ‘FollowByEmail’ widget will be shut down.

For the most part, Google will keep the Feedburner running for all users. However, only functions and features that relate to core feed management will be the focus in the future.

For many users, no action is required. All existing feeds will continue to serve uninterrupted, and you can continue to create new accounts and burn new feeds.

Users who wish to keep FeedBurner email subscriptions will have to download their email subscriber list in order to migrate them to a new subscription service.

If you’re thinking of a new subscription service to migrate to, below are some factors you should consider.

User segmentation

Chances are that you’re not going to be sending the same emails out all the time. In choosing a new subscription service you should find one that can easily filter and categorize your subscribers (e.g. new subscriber, inactive, etc.)

Branding and customization

You would want to choose a subscription service that allows you the options for well-structured templates. that you can customize (logos, footers etc.) to suit your blog or business.


Email metrics such as click-through rate and opening rate will be essential for either modifying or scaling your email strategy.


Who wouldn’t want to set up their ‘thank you’ email and have it automatically sent out to new subscribers? I would and I bet you would too so make sure your next service has this feature.


Not all your subscribers are ‘good guys’ so you’d need a service that offers two-factor authentication (2-FA) to drive off hackers.

FeedBurner Alternatives

Feedblitz has RSS to email capabilities GDPR compliance and technical support along with monetization opportunities.

Mailchimp also offers a host of functionality and features that would fit multiple purposes – both blogging and eCommerce businesses.

AWeber allows you to offer blog subscription via email along with a robust email marketing platform. You get better analytics such as how many users opened your email, how many clicked on it, and more.

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