Ghana has officially joined the International eSports Federation (IESF).The IESF is a global organization with the focus on spreading the good news of electronic sports (eSports) worldwide.

The IESF currently has 109 member states with 13 being African nations including Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Nigeria, South Africa, Namibia and now eSports Association of Ghana.

When we talk of sports, the mind naturally goes towards physical activity and competitions – athletics, swimming, football, boxing —you know the drill.

Esports are a bit different- in that players compete using video games.

A video-game tournament team competes in the game “Heroes of the Storm” at a European Championship hosted by Activision Blizzard and ESL at O2 Arena in Prague this month.
European Esports Championship tournament, 2015. (ESLGaming)

It includes all the video games suitable for competitive play, such as multiplayer online battle area (MOBA), first-person shooters, real-time strategy games and even football.

League of Legends and Dota 2, Counter-Strike Global Offensive and Call of Duty, as well as Overwatch are examples of games by millions of people from all over the world.

eSports in Ghana

In 2019, MTN organized an e-gaming competition in FIFA and Mortal Kombat with a cash prize of GHS 12,000 at the Kumasi Hive.

MTN continues to supports the eSports industry in Ghana with the annual MTN Conquest competitions which puts a spotlight on eSports as well as incentives for participants.

A number of Esports organizations have sprung up in the country with similar goals to promote eSports in the country. These groups organize local events with players from around the country competing for various prizes and bragging rights.

Giiks Game City, Madagascar eSports, Esports Aca and a host of other organizations have been championing eSports over the past few years.

Ghana has quite some catching up to with the likes of South Korea, US and China with regards to creating a viable eSports industry.

With that being said, the future is promising for eSports in Ghana.

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