The Government of Ghana has stated its plans for a National Digital Property Address System by 2022 which will give every piece of property a unique digital address.

This National Digital Property Address System, (or GhanaPostGPS), is a location identification system that gives property a digital code making it easy to be located.

The GhanaPostGPS is currently incorporated into Google Maps allowing for more seamless integrations.

In addition to that, the GPS is an effective means of addressing every landmark and property both for government policies and individual purposes as well.

Benefits of the GhanaPostGPS

The GhanaPost GPS is just one project under Ghana’s Digitalization Agenda. The benefits include.

  • A digital database of all property (houses, shops, restaurants, institutions, etc.) which will help the government in developmental and statistical initiatives (like the census and spatial planning)
  • Improve delivery of services including emergency heal services, fire and other miscellaneous services

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The Ghana Post management began a door-to-door registration exercise in 2018 to get people registered. When a property is duly registered it is tagged with a number plate containing the digital code and location of the property for no cost at all.

This explains the embossed plates you might have seen on your walls.

GhanaPost GPS sign
GhanaPost GPS sign


The GhanaPostGPS is Ghana’s addressing system. And it looks cool to, be honest. I would love for it to be integrated into day-to-day activities, like food delivery etc.

Business owners and individuals should incorporate this, that way it doesn’t just become a piece of decoration on my wall.

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