5 Helpful Apps for Ghanaian Students

As a student, getting things done on your own can be hectic especially when there are much more simpler ways to accomplish your tasks.

Knowing where to go to get what you need can give you the advantage to succeed in school.

Here are five resource you will find helpful in improving your productivity and finding information of the internet.


It’s easy to get lost in an endless loop of scrolling on social media. Most times, your productivity suffers because of this.

Rather than spending time scrolling for no reason, you could complete that assignment on your desk.

Unpluq is an app designed to keep you off social media and prevent mindless scrolling.

The app setups up tasks that you have to complete before you can open a distracting app. This lets you think through before opening any app.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar is one of the best places to find academic articles and books. You would find this helpful during your literature reviews and project summaries.

It’s easy to use and on top of that, it’s free.


Lantern is a proxy app that helps you bypass blocked websites and WiFi networks.

Due to content restrictions, it may be difficult to access certain websites. An app like lantern is a free option that will help you get round these restrictions.

For added security, you can try a VPN (a virtual private network) like NordVPN or ProtonVPN.


YouTube is like a university on its own. You are sure to find hundreds of tutorials and explainer videos on any topic you search for.

You can find beginner videos all the way to highly specialized videos on YouTube.


PDFDrive is a website where you can access possibly any PDF on the planet from novels and textbooks to autobiographies.

You can download any book in a matter of minutes from this website at no cost at all.

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