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Unable to download files via Google Drive? Here’s the solution

Google Drive is a helpful tool for transferring files among friends and colleagues.

Since it uses cloud storage, all hardware limitations are essentially eliminated, so that the files can reach anyone regardless of location.

Even so, there may be some issues when downloading files from Google Drive, and this post will help you solve them.

Before we get into it, make sure you;

  • have an active internet connection and
  • enough storage on your device
  • permission to download the file

If you’ve ticked these boxes and the problem persists, continue reading.

How to fix issues with downloading Google Drive files

Follow the steps below if you’re unable to download files from Google Drive.

One likely cause for this issue happening is third-party cookies. Google Drive uses these cookies to deliver the files to you. When the cookies are blocked, you may be unable to download files from Google Drive

  • Go to chrome://settings/cookies in your browser
  • Scroll down to the ‘Customized behaviors’ section
  • Under ‘Sites that can always use cookies’, click Add
  • Type in
  • Turn on Including third-party cookies on this site
  • Click Add

If you followed these steps you should be able to download your files from Google Drive.

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