Google is partnering with Maliyo Games, a Nigerian based game development studio to train 500 African mobile game developers in the upcoming GameUpAfrica Bootcamp.

The partnership aims to offer mobile game development training to prospects as well as provide them with mentorship and the necessary tools and resources to develop their skills and help them make their own games.

The Bootcamp is currently available to prospects in Ghana, Nigeria and Kenya. Applications began on July 19 and will end on August 2, 2021.

GameUpAfrica is based on a curriculum on which individuals will be assessed based on their competency, commitment and creativity.

At the end of the training duration, prospects will be evaluated on their ability to publish a Google Play Game.

How To Apply For GameUpAfrica

Applicants must:

  • Reside in Nigeria, Ghana, or Kenya
  • Have a basic background in programming languages like C#, C++, and PHP.
  • Own a PC.
  • Be available to commence Bootcamp by August 16, 2021

Applicants will pass through two stages before final shortlisting.

Stage one: Fill the application form here.

Stage two: After scaling the first stage, shortlisted candidates will have to undergo a C# assessment to demonstrate their competence in the programming language.

Note: The organisers will provide data allowance for selected developers during the training.

Maliyo Games & GameUpAfrica

Maliyo is a Nigerian-based game development studio that creates African-inspired mobile. Their goal is to disrupt the gaming industry; by being the #1 supplier of games in Africa.

The GameUpAfrica Bootcamp is an adaptation of an existing training project by Maliyo Games.

Between 2020 and now, the company has trained seven people and absorbed one into the company.

(Maliyo Games is hiring for developers, 2d/3d artists, and many more full-time roles. Apply here)

We actually launched this program because, as a game development studio, we are constantly looking for talented individuals to join our team. 

And because of a lack of a structured education system that produces competent game developers in Nigeria, we made the decision last year to launch an in-house program that will enable us to train individuals who are interested in becoming game developers.

Hugo Obi. Founder, Maliyo Games. 

Maliyo Games was established in 2012 and has a host of games ranging from action, adventure, strategy and education. Some of their games are Aboki Run, Jungle Escape, NDC, Math Rush.

Niger Commando Delta, Maliyo Games

What’s in store of Africa’s Gaming Industry

The African continent, with over 500 million mobile phone users, represents a massive business opportunity for people who have creative and technical skills.

Partnerships like this are just the African gaming industry needs to become a global gaming powerhouse.

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