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How To Hide Hashtags in Instagram Stories

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how to hide instagram hashtags

Instagram stories serve as a great way to increase your reach and help other users find your brand or business. Coupled with hashtags, the benefits are amplified.

When you use hashtags, you expose your content to a wider audience which in turn increases engagement and make your content discoverable.

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Adding hashtags to your IG stories can be a bit cluttered and affect the aesthetics of your story. So here are three (3) easy methods to hide/conceal hashtags within your Instagram stories.

Change/Blend hashtag colour

This method works best on plain colour backgrounds or on photos with a solid background colour.

Steps: Open the photo or the background you want to post. Type your hashtags within one text box.

  1. Select all and click the colour wheel at the top.
  2. Select the colour dropper and pick a colour from a nearby background to change the hashtag colour.

Hide hashtags behind GIFs or Emojis

(Other Story elements like the location tag and music stickers will work for this method).

  1. Add your hashtags in a single text box.
  2. Choose a GIF, sticker or emoji.
  3. Then, Simply drag the GIF or sticker to cover the hashtags. Done!

Minimize hashtag text size

Steps: Type your hashtags within a single text box. Pinch the text to the size of your choice and place it at a suitable part within your photo.

Follow these methods to hide your hashtags within Instagram Stories.

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