A huge part of the excitement leaving Apple’s recent event was the Dynamic Island feature available only on the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max models.

Apple’s new ‘Pro’ models have done away with the old notch in favour of a new pill-shaped cutout now called ‘Dynamic Island.’

This new cutout offers a wide range of interactive features in addition to a much more sleek look.

The Dynamic Island cutout will house the privacy indicators such as the microphone and camera. It can also show notifications for a variety of apps.

An example is that you can see the estimated time of arrival for your ride-share app.

Apple’s Dynamic Island is currently not available for Android devices. However, there is no telling whether Android phone manufacturers will adopt it in the future.

Currently, there are a few workaround methods for Android users to have Dynamic Island on their devices.

This post will show you how to get this feature on your phone using an app without rooting your device.

Steps to Enable Dynamic Island on Android

    1. Download the ‘Edge Mask’ App from the Google Play Store
    2. Allow all required permissions for the app
    3. Enable ‘Samsung message style’. Disable all other options.
    4. Tap Settings beside the toggle option
    5. Set background colour to black and message colour to white
    6. Enable Margin
    7. Play around the Vertical setting to position the tab.

    Depending on your device you may have to disable floating notifications for some apps like Instagram to prevent them from clashing with the new app.

    Follow these steps to successfully install iPhone 14 Pro’s dynamic Island to your Android device.

    Android manufacturers like Samsung may or may not adopt a version of Dynamic Island in the future. It is worth noting that this is a handy feature that shows Apple’s innovation in cleverly demonstrating how this feature can be used to make the most of the cutout space on a smartphone.

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