The next couple of months look bright for Instagram creators, given that the Facebook-owned social network is working on two major updates that will help content creators. First, Insights for Reels and Second, incentives for Reels creators.

Instagram has announced new insights data for Reels as well as Instagram Live.

Before this update creators could only see the number of likes, comments and views on their reels.

Now, however, Creators can access a wider range of metrics and analytics on their Reels and IG Live broadcasts.

The Metrics available include Total views, Reach, Likes, Comments, Shares and Saves.

This new update will provide opportunities for creators to better understand their audience and explore ways to present their content.

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How to check Insights for Reels

  1. Open Instagram, Go to the Reel video you want to see insights for
  2. Tap button (bottom right corner)
  3. Tap View Insights

Follow these methods to view Reel Insights.

Given the attention Reels is receiving, it would be worth considering for creators and brands to take advantage to boost their overall Instagram presence.

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