Hot 10T: This new Infinix release is ‘perfect for gamers’


Infinix has not been short of producing amazing smartphones, for the public, in recent years. This time Ininfix has unveiled the Hot 10T – the highly anticipated smartphone for mobile gaming and entertainment which will be available from May 5 (in Ghana).

Infinix Hot 10T

The main buzz around the Hot 10T is the Dar-link software, primarily beneficial to gamers which provides an optimized and improved game graphics display and touchscreen sensitivity while minimizing lag time.

If you take into consideration the fact that the Hot 10T comes with a MediaTek Helio G70 chipset, it’s fair to say this smartphone will be a beast (on paper at least).

If you’re looking for a phone for mobile entertainment check out more specs on this one.

Top Features

Infinix Dar-link Game booster

Gaming Booster

The Dar-link technology improves the device by enhancing the graphics display, touchscreen sensitivity, and data load optimization. It also improves the user’s sensory experience for games like PUBG by bringing gaming interactions to whole a new level.

Also, Dar-link utilizes a frame rate prediction algorithm that creates images in advance based on the game’s scenes. This makes game scene switching quicker and more reliable thanks to the screen optimization.

Screen Size

Hot 10T has a relatively large screen which offers a comfortable viewing display experience. 6.82″ size and a refresh rate of 90Hz will definitely make the screen faster and more responsive, coupled with the Helio G70 chipset which boosts the device’s performance.

Battery Life

For people who are away from the charging port for long hours, the Hot 10T will be a good fit if we’re to base anything on the 5000 mAh battery it has. The battery provides an estimated 78 hours of call time on a single charge and 15 hours of non-stop gaming.


When it’s time to take a selfie the Hot 10T’s 8MP camera enhances the shot with auto-focus, auto-blur and in-built AI features. Inifnix Hot 10T also packs a 48MP back camera plus the ‘NightScape’ feature, making your night shots appear right.

Hot 10T will be available from May 5th. You can check out an accredited Infinix store near you, and if you like the convenience of an online purchase visit

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