Instagram gets rid of IGTV button


Instagram is getting rid of the IGTV button from Instagram users’ home screens. Instagram says it took the action to remove the IGTV button since fewer people were clicking it. This means that IG users will now have to find IGTV content in their main feed

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Instagram launched IGTV in June 2018, initially meant to rival the likes of YouTube and other video services but since hasn’t been popular because of the limit to monetization. IGTV content will continue to be accessible on a standalone app (IGTV) and in the main feed as well as on the Explore page

The move is the latest sign that Instagram is de-prioritising IGTV as a distinct, standalone service.  Users can now post IGTV videos using the same video-upload interface as they use for their main feed.


IGTV button

Instagram has reportedly struggled to attract creators and users to IGTV since its launch. The service doesn’t offer the same revenue opportunities from ads as YouTube, and creators have previously said that brands haven’t offered the same sponsored content opportunities for IGTV as they do for their main Instagram posts.

Do you watch videos on IGTV, or you just stick to your usual feed. Let me know in the comments!

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