100+ African countries will be able to use Instagram Lite soon

Internet connection in some parts of Africa can be slow, unstable and expensive making it difficult for people to have a high-quality Instagram experience.

Over 1 billion people use Instagram every month and this number keeps growing especially in Africa.

In that regard, Facebook has announced that the ‘Lite’ version of Instagram will be available to over 100 African countries in the Sub Saharan region.

Instagram Lite is a ‘lightweight’ version of Instagram – meaning it has a smaller size (2MB) and requires less data and bandwidth. Plus it has similar features that enable the ‘Lite app’ to work just the same way as the ‘main’ Instagram app.

Instagram Lite has already been in use in India and other parts of the world.

Instagram vs. Instagram Lite


Instagram Lite requires 2MB to download. The full-size version requires about 36MB to download.


Instagram Lite can work in slow-speed environments (including 2G networks). Instagram needs a good internet connection to function properly.


It’s fair to say that the lite version lacks some features and has limited functionality.

The Lite version supports Feed, Explore, Stories, DMs, IGTV, Reels as well as GIFs and stickers.

On the other hand, Instagram Lite does not support Instagram Live videos, Dark mode and AR filters. IG Lite is currently only available for Android devices and does not have a dedicated tab for Reels and IG shops.

Should I download Instagram Lite?

Instagram Lite will be the perfect for you if you want to save data and battery life without the other features Instagram comes with.

If you use a smartphone that always runs out of space and has low RAM, then choosing the 2MB version of Instagram could be beneficial for you.

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