The iPhone’s newest OS version, iOS 15 has been released and it comes with some new features including Focus Mode, Live Text and updates to FaceTime and Notifications.

Safari was not left out of the mix. There have been both major and minor changes to Apple’s ‘main’ browser.

So What’s changed in Safari?


The URL bar has been relocated to the bottom of the screen iOS 15.

Check out this post on how you can bring the URL back to the top.

New Tab groups


You can categories your tabs into groups. Even better, you can rearrange and customize them.

Landscape View

You can see an optimized landscape view when you use Safari in iOS 15.

Refresh Gesture

To refresh a webpage, just pull down on your screen.

Start Page

Your Safari Start page can be customized in iOS 15. You can add different background images to your Start page.


Safari supports web extensions including VPN extensions, Adblockers and video extensions. You can download web extensions from the Apple App Store.

With that said, here are some Safari extensions you should consider downloading.

Shared With You

This is by far the most exciting update to Safari. In iOS 15 you can access a new section in the browser that collects all the links you receive via your social media apps and lets you know the contact who sent them.

Did you miss it?

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