Mipango launches AI-powered Personal Finance App

mipango personal finance app

Mipango, a Tanzanian Tech startup has launched an AI-powered app with the same name to provide users with free financial advice.
The personal finance app helps users to manage their savings, expenditure, budget setting and investments by way of artificial intelligence (AI).

“Financial literacy may be a key gap within the growth and development of this market. Over 50 percent of Tanzanian adults don’t keep track of their expenditure and haven’t any financial goals. This factor leads many voters to interact in debt practices which successively leads many of us into abject poverty,”

Lilian Makoi, Co-founder, Mipango,

“We see the launch of this application as a chance to vary the way our citizens run their everyday lives and better their relationship with money. The app will help the buyer to receive free financial advice, track their various income, track all their expenses on the go, manage their loans and debts, and also gain access to relevant investment opportunities.”

Lilian Makoi, Co-founder, Mipango,

The app is available on Google Play currently in Swahili.

Man and two womwn showing Mipango app

Did you Know?

Mipango means ‘planning’ in Swahili

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