How to Activate MTN Mashup, Bundles & Shortcodes

MTN Mashup (part of MTN Pulse) is a service by MTN that distributes your data and airtime to allow you to enjoy popular apps like WhatsApp and Instagram for free.

Typically when you purchase a data bundle, your data covers all internet activities, including watching YouTube, WhatsApp, Instagram and web browsing.

However, mashup deals let you decide how your airtime should be apportioned between voice calls and data bundles.

MTN Mashup Shortcode

To get started with MTN Mashup bundles, you would have to activate the service.

Dial *567# to activate MTN Mashup

How to activate

You can purchase a Mashup pack between GHS 1 to GHS 30.

Each package allows you to distribute your plan across voice and data options.

To choose a Mashup package,

  1. Dial *567#

  2. Select (1) “Proceed to buy bundle”

  3. Select (1) “Mashup for self”

  4. Select the Mashup package your prefer

To purchase a Mashup package for another person, follow the appropriate prompts

MTN Mashup Plans

PriceMashup Package
GHc 151.33MB only
35.93MB & 6.75 mins
30.80MB & 9 mins
25.67MB & 11.25 mins
(Free WhatsApp)
GHc 5289.69MB
202.78MB & 36 mins
144.84MB & 60 mins
173.81MB & 48 mins
(Free WA, IG, FB, Twitter, TikTok)
GHc 10607.90MB
425.53MB & 75 mins
367.74MB & 100 mins
303.95MB & 125 mins
(Free WA, IG, FB, Twitter, TikTok)
GHc 303.09GB
(Free WA, IG, FB, Twitter, TikTok)

How to deactivate

You can deactivate your Mashup package at any time by sending STOP to 567.

How to activate MTN Pulse

  • Open the MTN App
  • Tap Buy/Send option
  • Select MTN Pulse
  • Choose your preferred Mashup package
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