Here’s a list of mobile apps and games for Android devices that are usually paid but are currently free for a limited-time. Take advantage and get them for free.

Bookmark manager

Bookmark Manager | Play Store Download

Organizing your bookmarks is essential, especially if you use a range of browsers. When it comes to exporting and categorizing them, you’re in luck.

Space Shooter

Space Shooter | Play Store Download

Defend the galaxy against alien invaders. Dodge asteroids and avoid being destroyed by space debris flying at you from all directions.

Stickman Ghost 2

Stickman Ghost 2: Gun Sword | Play Store Download

Another action side scroller available on play store. Featuring many of the same mechanics from other stickman games, this game features a star wars theme and a wide range of weapons for you to unlock.

Metatag analyzer

Metatag analyzer | Play Store Download

This one is for the webmasters.

Extract metadata from web pages like H1 tags and meta description tags. Also check for errors that may cause problems with your website’s rankings


Dungeon999 | Play Store Download

Go on an endless adventure in a dungeon collecting weapons and fighting monsters as you improve your skill.

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