How To Remove Yahoo Search Redirect From Chrome (Browser Hijack Fix)

Yahoo Browser Hijack Fix

Isn’t it frustrating when you search something in Google but it automatically redirects to Yahoo search results? If you’ve experienced this, follow the steps below to prevent Yahoo search redirect in Google Chrome.

Many users, at some point, may have had their default search engine suddenly changed from Google search to Yahoo.

The issue here is not with Yahoo but a malicious app which is hidden and affecting your browser. These apps are called Potentially Unwanted Programs/Apps or browser hijakers.

You may have downloaded a browser hijacker from a ‘harmless’ site, through ads or from a browser extension.

Steps to remove browser hijackers in Google Chrome

This is an easy method to remove browser hijackers that you may have installed through a Chrome extension.

Google Chrome extensions allow users to customize their browsing experience but may also serve as a way for malware to infect your browser.

(Check out 5 Chrome extensions you should try here)

The best way to remove the browser hijacker is to disable/remove your extensions one by one;

  1. Open Chrome, click on the button (top right corner at the end of the search bar) or search for chrome://extensions

2. Click on More Tools, then click on Extensions

3. Disable all extensions

If you want to identify the offending extension, disable each extension one after the other while checking to see if your searches have been restored.

Follow this method to remove the browser hijacker and restore your searches to Google.

Have anything to ask about browser hijackers, don’t hesitate to write a comment.

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  1. i didnt disable them i removed them all , still the issue is there and i can see the yahoo over my adress bar

    1. Hi Pragya,
      If that method didn’t work for you.
      Go to Chrome Settings > Advanced > Reset and Clean up.
      Then go to Restore settings to their original defaults , then Reset Settings.
      If this doesn’t work, you should look at scanning your computer for any malware.

  2. thank you mate..!

    1. You’re welcome bud!

  3. Hi
    I did this: Chrome Settings > Advanced > Reset and Clean up.
    Then go to Restore settings to their original defaults , then Reset Settings…But the issue come back again and again. I don`t know another way to fix the problem.

    1. Hello Korush, you might want to install antivirus software.

      1. hi , i literally did all of that and i have antivirus but i still have this problem

        1. Hello Hager, you might want to try reinstalling Google Chrome.

  4. This isn’t working…
    I have done the Reset and Clean up, my antivirus found no viruses, and removing extensions didn’t work as well as search engines.
    I also restarted my computer.
    Any other tips?

    1. Hello, you might want to try reinstalling Google Chrome.

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