3 SEO Keyword Tips For Youtube

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YouTube Creator Insider member, answers some questions concerning keyword research and YouTube’s recommendation system plus more.

YouTube recommends these three strategies for keyword research:

  • Audience Insights
  • Google Trends
  • Competitive Analysis

Audience Insights

Audience data can be a useful source for keyword research as it may lead you to discover new topics your viewers are interested in that you hadn’t considered before.

Within YouTube Analytics is an Audience Insights card “Other videos your audience watched” that shows creators what other videos their audience is watching.

This one may be obvious to more experienced folk, but YouTube recommends Google Trends as a way to stay informed about which topics are currently popular.

With Google Trends, you can compare multiple topics and their popularity over time to see which ones are currently garnering the most interest.

You can monitor popular trends within your country as we as tweak the view specifically to a sub-region.

Competitive Analysis

This involves entering keywords in YouTube’s search bar and seeing what you can learn from the most successful videos.

Analyze aspects of those videos such as titles, thumbnails, descriptions, intros, video chapters, ad placement, and so on. Your goal is to determine not only what encourages users to click on the video, but what keeps them watching until the end. Thereafter you can optimize your content accordingly.

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