How to Setup Smartwatch with Fitpro App

In more recent times wearable technology, such as smartwatches, has become increasingly popular.

These devices record and monitor data from your fitness activities such as; distance covered while running or walking, calories, blood pressure and heart rate.

Although there are different types of fitness trackers available, this method will work for most of the smartwatch brands on the market including the D13 Smart bracelet, FitMe watches, and Xiaomi Mi band fitness trackers.

These smart devices will measure running, walking distances, situp count, skipping count, calories burnt and also monitor blood pressure and heart rate.

Connecting your fitness watch to your smartphone will allow you to see your fitness stats and metrics both on your watch as well as track the progress from your smartphone.

This post presents an easy way to setup your fitness smartwatch and connect it to your smartphone for the best experience.

Install FitPro

FitPro is a fitness app that is allows you to sync smartwatches and bracelets via Bluetooth. When connected to your smartwatch, FitPro can sync and detect fitness data as well as adjust settings on your watch directly from your smartphone.

  • Open Play Store / App Store
  • Search for ‘FitPro’
  • Intsall FitPro
  • Open FitPro and allow all the necessary permissions for the app to function (Notification, Location access)
  • Register your FitPro Account
FitPro app menu in Google Play Store

Connect your SmartWatch

  • Go to ‘Set’ (in the FitPro app)
  • Click on ‘Bind device’
  • Select your Smart watch from the list of devices
  • Once your watch is connected, it will automatically sync the Time and Date

Ensure your watch is close to your smartphone and that, your smartphone is connected to the internet. Also, check that Bluetooth is enabled on your smartphone.

Charging your Watch

Black Fitness Tracking Smartwatch with USB charging

The devices mentioned earlier can be plugged directly in a USB port on your Adaptor plug or on your PC or laptop.

  • Detach the straps from the watch to expose the ‘USB end’,
  • Connect to a USB port or Adaptor plug

Using your Watch

Scroll through your watch using the round Touch-sensitive spot. Long press to select an option.

  • Track your running/walking distance in kilometres (You can change this to miles in the FitPro app)
  • Monitor your blood pressure, heart rate and oxygen saturation
  • Track your calories
  • Track your Skipping and Situp counts
  • Synchronize info with your smartphone

Although fitness trackers are beneficial, they may not always offer accurate readings. For athletic, fitness and other health-related concerns contact a health professional.

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  1. […] come to the smartwatch. Most likely is a SpO2 sensor to track oxygen levels in the blood, which some other wearables in 2020 have come with like the Samsung Galaxy Watch […]

  2. Plugged into USB port – will not charge. Why?

    1. Hi Bender, you could try charging with a laptop or changing the charging adapter.
      Also, check the charging pins of the watch for any stains or dust before charging.

  3. How can I change the time format from 24hour to 12? FitPro LT716

    1. Long press the touch-sensitive button where you can see the time and day.

      1. How to change 24 hour time to 12 hour

        1. Long press the touch-sensitive button at the screen where the time and day is.

  4. I purchased this FitPro a couple of years ago and today I plugged it into my computer to charge and it turned on for a few seconds then turned off. This unit does not even stay on long enough to charge itself, or is this devise still charging with a blank screen?

    1. Looks like there’s a problem. D13 and many other smartwatches will show an indication when charging.
      You could try charging with a USB adapter.
      Also, check the charging pins of the watch for any stains or dust before charging

  5. Where can I get a charger for this?

    1. Check out Amazon or AliExpress.

  6. I have a question….My fit pro disconnected itself. I cannot locate my QRCode to rescan so I can use my FitPro. Where can I find one, Please??
    I love my FitPro👍💙

    1. Hi Sue

      To reconnect your device.
      Go to the FitPro app > Set > Bind devices

  7. I just received my FitPro watch, and am in the process of charging it. Enjoy your section here as to how to do things with it. Thank you very much for your time/effort.

    1. You’re welcome David! Thanks for reading.

  8. I have a fit pro LT16(BE:32) watch. Is it possible to get an alternative time and date display. I know how to change the 24 hour/12 hour display.

    1. Yes, as long as your smartwatch supports it.
      On the FitPro app, go to Set > Dial settings

  9. I forgot my password for the fitpro app i tried doing the forget password with email thing 10 times at this point but i don’t have an email. What do i do?

    1. I meant that i dont have an email in my inbox yet

    2. 1. Double check if the email is correct
      2. Update the app

  10. I have the app on my phone and it is working. I have plugged the device into my laptop to charge. How do I know when it is charged? I waited a few hours, unplugged it, and pressed the round circle on the face and nothing happens. I have also changed ports I’m charging it in. What am I doing wrong? Thank you

    1. When the watch is charging you’ll see an indicator on the screen.

      – You could try charging with a USB adapter.
      – Also, clean the pins of the watch with a dry cloth and charge again.

  11. dieudonne i want to know can i transfer my youtube music on my fitpro
    so i can listen to my music or can i transfer my music from my youtube to my fitpro

    1. Hi Martise,
      Fitpro currently does not support Youtube music. You’ll need a watch with WearOS for that.

  12. Hi!
    Can I somehow synchronize fitpro app with google fit app?

    1. Nope. As of now, you cannot sync the fitpro app with Google Fit.

  13. My watch keeps disconnecting and reconnecting??? and it never syncs time and date even though it reports “Completed” in the binding screen

    1. Reinstall the fitpro app and retry syncing with your watch.

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