With the release of iOS 16, Apple has also included a security update (iOS 15.7) for those who are still running the older iOS versions.

If you have an iPhone, you will need to decide whether to update to the new iOS 16 or stay with the older iOS 15.7.

Updating to iOS 16 may give you the newest features, but it is important to consider a few factors before deciding which update is right for you.

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iOS 16 lockscreen

iOS 15.7 vs iOS 16

Apple has done this before with a few of their past iOS versions. Where it releases two different iOS versions to compatible devices.

For example, after iOS 15 was released, iPhone users were given the option to stay on iOS 14 for a while.

Apple continued to issue security updates to iOS 14 up until early 2022.

One possible reason for this could be the opinion that new versions of iOS appear to slow down older devices.

This ‘lag’ in performance should be expected to affect older iPhones as the device needs to adjust and optimize for the new software. However, this shouldn’t be a significant or noticeable change in speed for most users.


The latest operating system comes with several impressive new features, the most noteworthy being the new and improved customizable Lock Screen and messaging updates.

iOS 16 is only available on the iPhone 8 or later. However, some features are exclusive to newer models, such as the iPhone XR or later. These features include foreground blur in portrait photos and Action Mode.

All in all, if your iPhone is compatible and you want to try out all these new features, you should probably upgrade to iOS 16.

Some users have reported lagging for a day or two post-update, but it generally improves shortly after.

On the other hand, you should install iOS 15.7 if you need your iPhone to be as fast and responsive as it is now, without any lag.

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