Smart Bra? Here’s All You Need To Know


Some of the first words that come to mind when lingerie is mentioned are sexy and sultry, but is your bra healthy?

Breasts come in different shapes and sizes but the problem is that traditional bras offer standard (most times generalized) sizes, fabrics, designs, and capabilities, with little chance for customization and personalization. Women are now demanding for lingerie that is not only sexy but fits them in terms of comfort and design for different activities and functions.
The tech industry is looking to solve this with smart bra technology.

You may be wearing the wrong bra

Most women are wearing the wrong bra! As odd as this may sound, it’s actually unhealthy as well.
Studies show that wearing the wrong size bras can cause breast pain, skin damage, abrasions, bad posture and physical discomfort.
Here are 4 ways Smart bra technology is changing the ‘bra’ industry

1. Early detection of health issues

You can conduct your own breast cancer examination with smart bras. Smart bras may come with sensors that monitor thermal changes in a woman’s breasts which could be attributed to tumour growth. Other types can also monitor heart health and track heart rate through a device via Bluetooth. The data collected is then and analyzed by an AI-based algorithm which can generate reports in a matter of minutes.

2. Smart Bras for Sports

Kinematics of breast movement shows that when women run, the breasts move in a figure-eight motion instead of simply moving up and down. This also means that large-breasted women will experience much more movement and are more likely to experience breast pain after physical activity.
With the introduction of smart fabrics, more women can be more comfortable engaging in sports and other forms of physical activity.
Smart fabrics can react to a stimulus from the wearer. For example, they can become stiffer in response to movement. If included in a sports bra, these fabrics could adapt to the movement of the breasts to increase support during exercise, but relax again when the wearer is not moving. This feature is useful for women who want to wear their sports bra for a range of movement which requires different levels of support.

3. General Wellness and Health Goals

Wearable tech isn’t only changing bra design, it’s also transforming women’s healthcare.
Wearable tech Startup Vitali Wear is taking wellness to the next level. Their smart bra monitors breathing patterns, posture and heart rate viability. With this information, an app picks up on stress and guides you through breathing exercises to get your heart rate back to normal. Also, the app corrects bad posture and helps achieve other personal health goals.

4. Bra measurements

A Lingerie company Soma is changing the way women measure for their bras. Instead of the traditional pick-what-fits or tape measurements, this innovation uses Bluetooth and measurement sensors that get a more accurate measure of a woman’s size, shape, and cup.
The Bluetooth device connected to the bra then sends these measurements to an app which then suggests the best fitting bra based on your breast size.
Your boobs won’t stay the same size and neither should your bras. Weight changes, menstrual cycles,  and pregnancy can all cause breast size to change. Do you see smart bras changing the lingerie industry? Share your thoughts in the comments.
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