Snapchat Tests TikTok-like ‘vertical navigation’ in Discover

Update (Nov, 2020): This feature has been rolled out and it’s called ‘Spotlight‘. Spotlight has a dedicated tab and allows users to create 60-second snaps. Users with the latest version of Snapchat can see this option.

Snapchat has confirmed that it’s experimenting with a navigation experience that allows users to manoeuvre through Snapchat’s ‘Discover’ content by vertical swiping gestures.

For ‘TikTokers’, this feature may seem like the normal way to move through content on TikTok, but it is one among its experiments in “exploring different, immersive visual formats for community content”, Snapchat says.

The test is concentrated on content that’s publicly available on Snapchat’s Discover feed, not for Stories sent to you by friends. Users will still have to tap to advance through each Story, as before. But with the new experiment, you swipe up to move to the next Story, and swipe left or right to exit the Discover feed.

While TikTok is facing threats to be banned in the US and has already been banned in India, other social media apps may look to gain users migrating from TikTok.

The test also goes to show TikTok’s increasing influence in the social app space. As we’ve seen in the past, most major features get replicated across multiple apps. Snapchat’s stories led to IG and Facebook Stories and WhatsApp statuses. Facebook also launched its live-streaming version of Twitter’s Periscope.

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