Spice Up Your Valentine’s Day with these 5 Ideas


February comes with a lot of happiness and love. What a good time to express your feelings and affections to your loved ones. With these ideas, you can make this year’s Valentine an unforgettable one.

1. Go Somewhere

With a lot of restaurants, pubs and  ‘love-spot’ joints all over the country, you and your loved one should explore a new-terrain. Head-on, Head out and have some fun.

2. Make something Yourselves

Expressing love does not always have to be costly. (It’s true – Love don’t cost a thing). You and your loved one can do something fun without going out or breaking the bank- Cook, Play a game, Netflix and chill. The list is endless.

3. Send them sweets

Some say Valentine’s day is incomplete without some sugar. Buy some chocolate, candies or ice cream and send it to them. If she has a specific flavour she likes, get it for her. It’s all love at the end of the day.

4. Surprise Him/Her

Now is the time to get them what they have been asking for a while now. Maybe that jewellery box for her, the pair of sneakers he likes or the Samsung S10+ (I’d like that). Show you have them in mind by giving them an unexpected gift.

5. Anon Gifts

Amaze your lover or crush with an anonymous gift. Add a written note to spice up the surprise with a unique tone. Hope that they guess right that the gift was from you!

Bloomville Ghana makes some of the best bouquets and corsages. You should try them.

Spread the love. Share with all your friends and that special one (of course)

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