This ‘Bonus’ means Instagram Reels is here to stay

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Here’s some good news for content creators who use Instagram Reels…

Instagram is working on an update that will allow creators earn for posting Reels. (How about that for 30-seconds of literally anything!)

This model in development is similar to that of Snapchat’s Spotlight feature which offers payouts to the top-performing Spotlights per day.

Snapchat seems to have had a lot of success with this incentive and it’s evident in the 120+ million monthly users Snapchat currently has.

How Bonuses will work

Similar to Snapchat’s Spotlight clips, the ‘Bonuses’ incentive will be focused on Reels – which are short-form video clips.

The program would enable users to earn bonuses once they share Reels. From the outlook, creators will have to reach bonus thresholds in order to claim their earning.

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When is the ‘Bonus’ Feature coming

No official word as of yet, but it’s expected for Instagram to make some announcements in the coming weeks or months.

Take Advantage of Reels

In recent weeks, Reels has received some key updates that will help creators and businesses better tailor their content to suit their audiences.

Instagram added an ‘Insights’ update which gives in-depth metrics that will help creators and business monitor the performance of their Reels content.

(Read: How to see Insights for Instagram Reels)

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