September was packed with a lot of new releases and updates and I’m here to look into every bit of it. Let’s dive in.

Discussing: iPhone 13 release, iOS 15, Bitcoin in El Salvador, WhatsApp updates and more.

iPhone 13 is here

After several leaks and teasers, the iPhone 13 is finally out. On September 14, Apple released the iPhone 13, 13 Mini, Pro and Pro Max versions. This iPhone has the best battery ever in an iPhone, per Tim Cook, Apple CEO. The iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max have a Cinematic mode feature that allows you to create Hollywood-level videos – literally!

iOS 15, macOS 15 & iPadOS 15

New gear, new software – that has been Apple’s plan for years now. iOS 15, the latest version of the iOS operating system was released on September 20.

Bitcoin in El Salvador

One of September’s biggest stories was the introduction of Bitcoin as a national currency in El Salvador. El Salvador received a ton of backlash from both its citizens and the outside world on the adoption of Bitcoin. But does this mark a new era of cryptocurrencies making their way into ‘traditional’ financial institutions? We can only wait and see.

China places time limit on social media for children

In China, children under 14 can only use Douyin (their version of TikTok) for 40 minutes per day. The government is doing this to preserve the physical and emotional health of its youth.

WhatsApp ‘Green’ Update

WhatsApp has changed some parts of the app, slightly. There’s a difference in the shades of green colours with some elements in the app including message bubbles and status updates.

A poll I conducted on my Insta story suggests that 75% of people love the new colour.


El Salvador becomes the World’s 1st ‘crypto state’

iPhone 13 Mini in Pink & iPhone 13 Pro in Sierra Blue Unboxing

iPhone 13 vs iPhone 12 – Every Single Difference Tested!

How to switch/reverse address bar in Safari

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