In the past, to transfer files from one phone to the other, you needed infrared connectivity.

Then came Bluetooth technology, a game-changer for transferring files between phones.

Bluetooth technology is still used today in audio devices like earbuds, smartwatches and printers.

The issue with Bluetooth is that you’d need an hour of free time to be able to send 500MB of files between devices.

That’s a long time for anyone to spend waiting for a file transfer.

In this post, I look at seven fast and secure ways to send links and files from one android phone to the other.


If it’s a small audio or jpeg file of a few megabytes, Bluetooth will do the job.

Messaging apps

Provided both phones have the app and internet connection, sending files via Whatsapp or Telegram is another option you can use in transferring files.

File-Sharing Websites

Popular file-sharing services such as Google Drive and OneDrive are efficient ways to transfer files. Not only can you share files via these sites, but you can also use them as extra storage for your files.

Justbeamit is another such file-sharing website. Justbeamit is an online service that allows you to share files via a link using cloud technology.

Once you’ve uploaded the files from one device, share the link with the other device. The files can then be accessible via that link.

The link is live for only 10 minutes and it can be shared with only one device. If you want to transfer the same files to other devices, you’d have to re-upload them.

Samsung Cloud

You can send large files via the web if one of your devices supports Samsung link sharing.

Select the file(s) you want to transfer > Select Share > Share as link

Download your files via the link.

SD Card

Memory cards come in very handy when transferring files in case you do not have an internet connection. Simply transfer your files to the SD Card on one phone and insert it in the other.


Good old email is helpful when sending links and small-sized files.


Phones transferring money by NFC technology

Some mobile devices use NFC (near field communication) technology, however, it is not compatible with a number of devices. With NFC you can transfer files within seconds just by contact.

With these methods, you can transfer files of different sizes from one phone to another.

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