If you’ve ever campaigned for an edit button on Twitter, this feature could be the answer to your prayer.

Twitter, currently, does not have an edit button because the company wants to preserve the traditional SMS text message format. Well, at least that’s what CEO Jack Dorsey says. You can’t edit an SMS text once it’s sent and that’s what Twitter wants to continue.

Twitter is officially launching a new service called ‘Twitter Blue‘ which works just the same way as Twitter but requires users to pay a monthly fee to enjoy an added range of features.

Users have been pushing for an edit feature for a long while, predominantly to correct grammar and typing errors and with Twitter launching a new subscription service, we finally realize an ‘undo tweet‘ feature which enables users to revoke their tweets within 30 seconds of tweeting.

Twitter Blue has been in testing for a while, but even now it is only available in Canada and Australia.

New Features in Twitter Blue

Undo Tweet

Twitter Blue users can revoke a tweet within 30 seconds of posting it. It’s not an editing feature but it is the closest thing to a fully-fledged ‘edit’ button.

Bookmark Folders

This feature allows Twitter Blue subscribers to categorize tweets into separate folders.

Custom App Icons

Users will be able to choose custom app icons.

Reader Mode

Users can read all the tweets in a particular thread within a single stream when they’re in Reader mode.

Twitter Blue Price

Twitter Blue will ‘test launch’ in Canada and Australia (at less than $5). It’d be right to note that this isn’t about to replace the ‘Twitter’ we know and love.

However, If you’d like to enjoy a couple of additional features for a little fee, then Twitter Blue is for you.

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