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Creators can monetize their Twitter accounts with upcoming ‘Super Follow’ feature

Twitter monetization feature

Twitter is in the process of releasing a feature that will allow creators to monetize their accounts by providing exclusive content to paying users called ‘Super Followers’.

The ‘super follow’ feature will provide tools for Twitter users to directly earn from their content by offering locked, exclusive tweets with various add-on options.

Twitter Super Follow update
Super Follow feature

Some of such options include a tip button on the profile page which will allow creators to receive donations directly from followers.

Twitter Super Follow Feature Screenshot
Possible profile layout for the ‘Super Follow’ feature by @wongmjane

This feature ties into Twitter plan to keeps tweeps engaged with their favourite creators while giving these creators the option to monetize their audience.

In recent years, audience monetization has become a priority for all social media platforms.

Snapchat’s Spotlight feature is producing good results, per the company, thanks to Snapchat offering up cash rewards for the best Spotlight clips in order to attract new creators to its platform.

TikTok, Instagram and YouTube as well have their own versions which provide incentives through their monetization programs. 

Maintaining an audience and developing a healthy and viable community requires active creators and users, and the market for this is gaining a lot of traction as each platform pushes to include more resources to help their best users make money by doing what they do best – creating!

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