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How to unlock your Windows PC using your phone

It can be a hurdle sometimes when bridging the gap between your phone and PC.

For the many people who would want to sync their phones and PCs, you’d be pleased to know that is possible.

By the end of this post you will be able to unlock your PC using your phone’s fingerprint scanner.

For this method to work you should have,

  • a Windows PC
  • Android phone (any model) that supports fingerprint or Face ID
  • WiFi Network

To start, you must download two apps, one on your PC and the other on your phone.

Here’re the links to the apps

PC Download

Android Download

Follow the steps below to unlock your Windows PC without touching your keyboard.

Install Remote fingerprint app

  • Install the ‘Finger unlock’ app on your PC
  • Then install the ‘Remote Fingerprint unlock’ on your phone
  • Make sure both devices are connected to the same WiFi network

Setting up the app

  • Setup and enable the fingerprint settings on your phone
  • On your phone, open the Remote Unlock app and tap the Menu
  • Select Scan, then choose to add ‘By Scanning’
  • Make your PC is locked (set to lock screen)
  • After Scanning, Choose your PC name from the scanned results, then tap Save
  • Now select Accounts from the menu, then ‘Add Account’
  • Input the username and password that corresponds with your Windows account on your PC
  • Now select Unlock from the Menu
  • Scan your fingerprint

Note that for this to work, your PC has to be locked, you can lock your PC by typing Windows key + L.

Follow these easy steps to unlock your Windows PC using your fingerprint.

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