WhatsApp may be working on multi-device login

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WhatsApp may soon have a feature that will enable using the app on more than one device at once.

At the moment, you cannot use WhatsApp on more than one device. If you log in from one device the other device will automatically be logged out.

Snippet of WhatsApp's rumoured feature of multi-device login

WhatsApp Web, though, allows you to use WhatsApp on a PC as well as a tablet or phone by a QR Code.

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WABetaInfo reports a new login screen that asks users whether they want to use Wi-Fi or mobile data when they ‘log in on a new device’.

Snippet of WhatsApp's rumoured feature of log in on other devices

This feature is not in beta testing just yet, and it may take some time for it to roll out.

It’s likely using WhatsApp on multiple devices will transfer database, images, videos and chat logs between devices. This will come in handy especially for users who have an extra phone or tablet and would want to use WhatsApp on both devices.

How do you feel about using WhatsApp on multiple devices?

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Just a Tech blogger with a knack for web design.

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  1. To my mind, it is not a good idea. Sometimes, it may happen, when you forgot to log out and another person may have an access to your chats.

  2. Great point. The privacy aspect may become an issue for users.

  3. Im no expert, but I believe you just made an excellent point. You certainly fully understand what youre speaking about, and I can truly get behind that.

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