Instagram has announced that it is merging IGTV and in-feed videos into a brand new format called Instagram TV.

The IGTV video platform, which was introduced in June 2018, failed to take off. Instead of becoming a the flagship video feature for Instagram he growth of IGTV was not satisfactory beacuse much of the app’s audience did not take well to it.

This new format will also make Instagram look and feel simpler. There’ll be one place for all videos instead of having two separate video formats

Creators can earn through their videos

Where will my IGTV videos go?

The IGTV tab will soon be replaced by video tab, which will house all of your videos both (previously IGTV) and feed videos.

How will Instagram TV work?

Instagram TV will have new updates of its own. Instagram is adding video filters and geotagging to your videos to allow for better reach and editing.

Other other hand, Instagram will continue show Instagram In-Stream video ads (previously called IGTV Ads) to users

IGTV has been long-since overshadowed by rivaling apps like Snapchat and TikTok.

TikTok launched in the United States and became very popular almost immediately because of its shorter video format enabling it to appeal to more young people than Instagram’s IGTV had over the previous year.

With the launch of Instagram TV, creators can focus their efforts on video content (anywhere from 15 seconds to 1 hour) which is simple for the user.

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