Windows 10X: New Touch Keyboard with Emojis, GIFs, Voice Typing

Microsoft is working on some updates for its in-built touch keyboard. WonderBar, as Microsoft calls it, will have an improved layout, and will be better optimized for typing. You will also have the ability to control and navigate the cursor around text by using the spacebar.

Microsoft is additionally updating its emoji pack in Windows 10. The emoji pack will include an improved design supported by Microsoft’s Fluent Design System. The keyboard also supports animated GIFs, emoji search and clipboard history all in one interface.

Aside from updates to the keyboard, Microsoft is adding, Voice Typing, an in-built speech to text interface within the touch keyboard. This is an improvement of the default speech recognition settings. ‘Voice Typing’ will include auto-punctuation and a more reliable voice typing experience on Windows.

All these features are currently being tested with Windows Insiders and are part of a much bigger update Microsoft is planning for Windows 10 within the first half of 2021.

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